Jennings and Jennings: Book Design and Copyediting
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I have sooooooooo much enjoyed working with both of you!

—H. L. “Bud” Goodall, Jr., Ph.D.
Arizona State University


Books marked with an asterisk* include Hannah's cover designs.

Anna S. Agbe-Davies Tobacco, Pipes, and Race in Colonial Virginia
Mitchell Allen   Essentials of Publishing Qualitative Research
Whitney Battle-Baptiste   Black Feminist Archaeology
Arthur Asa Berger   What Objects Mean
    The Cultural Theorist’s Book of Quotations*
    Understanding American Icons*
    Theorizing Tourism*
    Dictionary of Advertising and Marketing Concepts*
    What Objects Mean, Second Edition*
Arthur P. Bochner & Carolyn Ellis   Evocative Ethnography*
Gregory Button   Disaster Culture
Gaile S. Cannella, Michelle S. Perez, & Penny A. Pasque (editors)   Critical Qualitative Inquiry
Norman K. Denzin   Indians in Color
Norman K. Denzin & Michael D. Giardina (editors)   Qualitative Inquiry Outside the Academy*
  Qualitative Inquiry—Past, Present and Future*
  Qualitative Inquiry and the Politics of Research*
John H. Falk & Lynn D. Dierking   The Museum Experience Revisited*
Sandra L. Faulkner (editor)   Inside Relationships
Roberto J. Gonzalez   Militarizing Culture
H. L. “Bud” Goodall, Jr.   Counter-Narrative
Sidney M. Greenfield   Spirits with Scalpels*
George E. Hein   Progressive Museum Practice*
K. Kris Hirst (editor)   Archaeologist’s Book of Quotations*
Stacy Holman Jones, Tony E. Adams & Carolyn Ellis (editors)   Handbook of Autoethnography*
Travis Hudson & Craig Bates (authors); Thomas Blackburn & John R. Johnson (editors)   Treasures from Native California
Amy Kaler & Melonie Beres   Essentials of Field Relationships
Sam Ladner   Practical Ethnography*
Sheri L. Leafgren   Reuben’s Fall*
Patricia Leavy   Essentials of Transdisciplinary Research
Yvonna S. Lincoln & Egon G. Guba   The Constructivist Credo
Lenore Manderson   Surface Tensions*
Kristine L. Muñoz   Transcribing Silence
Linda Norris & Rainey Tisdale   Creativity in Museum Practice*
Ronald J. Pelias   Performance*
    Leaning: A Poetics of Personal Relations*
Adrian Praetzellis   Archaeological Theory in a Nutshell*
Dwight W. Read   How Culture Makes Us Human
Robert Rotenberg   The Art & Craft of College Teaching
Michael Shanks   The Archaeological Imagination
Sobo   Dynamics of Human Biocultural Diversity
Jane Speedy   Staring at the Park*
Tami Spry   Body, Paper, Stage*
    Autoethnography and the Other*
Phyllis Noerager Stern & Caroline Jane Porr   Essentials of Accessible Grounded Theory
Sophie Tamas   Life after Leaving*
Franklin D. Vagnone & Deborah E.  Ryan   Anarchist’s Guide to Historic House Museums*
Maggie Walter & Chris Andersen   Indigenous Statistics
Linda M. Whiteford & Cecilia Vindrola-Padros   Community Participatory Involvement
Harry F. Wolcott   Ethnography Lessons: A Primer*

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You have both been a joy to work with... you are both so talented and kind, and I am so fortunate to have had you as midwives!

—Kristine Muñoz

























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