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Thank you Hannah and Michael for your work—you sincerely were the single most efficient part of any publishing operation I've yet been involved with.

— Ted Faust

Michael and Hannah Jennings, brother and sister, are partners committed to adding value to the production phase of book publishing, from copyediting and design through submittal to the printer. We have successfully collaborated with authors and publishers on four dozen books. Michael is primarily responsible for copyediting (and proofreading). Hannah is responsible for cover and book design (and typesetting).

Hannah Jennings   Hannah
In addition to my work since 2008 with Michael:

  • MFA in Design from the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Successful design studio, Hannah Jennings Design, since 2005
  • For several years Manager of Design for Brookfield Zoo in Chicago
  • Long active in national associations relating to design of exhibitions
  • Teaches a design course at Dominican University
Michael Jennings   Michael
In addition to my work since 2008 with Hannah:

  • MA in English Literature
  • Public Relations Writer for Armstrong Cork Company
  • Decades of experience in Human Resources and Employee Communication management
  • Two years teaching in middle school
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We work with the publisher.

We meet—usually beat—deadlines. We meet budgets, and warn the publisher early about financial challenges. We communicate just enough, keeping the publisher informed without pestering. We operate in the best interests of the publisher, with an in-house attitude. We are team players, easy to get along with.

In the 200 titles we have published over the past five years, we've experimented with many different design and production groups. And, after all this time, we've settled on only a few who we use regularly and without reservation, including the team of Jennings and Jennings. Hannah and Michael are hard working, deadline focused, reasonable, flexible, moderately priced, and creative in their designs and editing. The books turn out interesting, solid, and attractive. Authors are happy, we're happy, book buyers are happy. It doesn't get better than that.

Mitch Allen
Publisher, Left Coast Press

We work with the author.

Authors who expect copyediting to be about finding mistakes and slavishly adhering to arbitrary style rules instead find a helpful collaborator. Michael, with an eye on the clock and publisher specs, respectfully makes suggestions and asks questions as he copyedits, inviting the author to be as clear as possible.

Hannah collaborates with the publisher to create a marketable book that realizes the author's vision. The author's preferences and feedback are considered in the design, and communications about production are always friendly and positive.

Hannah is committed to creating coherent books, where cover designs and page designs show a strong relationship. This is best realized when she is able to do both, but when a cover already exists, she includes elements from the cover in her page designs.

Typesetting and proofreading could be contracted out, but we believe that these tasks, though mechanical, can add value when performed by us, with our sound understanding of the book.

A good experience this time may beget a return experience.

Authors comment that the team goes beyond the norm of  producing a defect free book and encourages them to settle for nothing less than their very best work. They report that they appreciate expert and avuncular support that leaves them in charge of their vision. They typically express regret when their collaboration with the team ends, and hope for a follow-up opportunity to work together.

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I hope I have the pleasure of working with you again and cannot thank you enough for your patience, creativity, and kindness—not to mention your kick-ass professionalism and skill.

—Sophie Tamas, Ph.D., Queen's University




I've told so many that I have felt very fortunate to be working with you both. I so very much love the layout and design. Thank you so so much for making it beautiful, engaging, readable!

—Tami Spry, Ph.D.
St. Cloud State University








We have had very positive experiences with authors that others have found to be challenging:

Academics who are early in their careers and appreciate noncondescending guidance.
Academics who are late in their careers and appreciate a different kind of respectful support.
Authors in the arena of qualitative research with its commitment to boundary pushing in both text and typography.
Authors of books that require strong design expertise due to a requirement for sensitive treatment, complicated layout needs, or marginal photography.
Authors who are disabled (e.g., terminal illness, recovering from a major stroke—we have had successful experiences with both of these examples).
Authors who are unable to provide an up-to-standards MS—who lack the skill or time to finish their MS.
And the rare author who submits a book with almost no errors or style corrections to be addressed can still bring an A up to an A+. We  have typically persuaded him or her to do so.

We also have a special connection to museum topic writers. Hannah has significant experience in the museum field which she brings to bear, and the team has worked on several museum books and journals.


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